Apr 1st 2011


We thought we’d post something today in honor of April Fool’s Day, but didn’t really think of any practical joke or other silliness to share. But what we do have is sure to give you a few chuckles!

As event planners, we have your best interests in mind. Your wedding shouldn’t be remembered for being gross, silly or ridiculous – unless for some odd reason you intended it that way. So here’s a nod to some pretty awesome wedding “Cake Wrecks.” And just for kicks, we’ll be posting next week of a real life cake wreck we experienced first hand, PICTURES INCLUDED! So stay tuned for that next week!



…And believe us, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It gets better, or worse, depending on how you want to look at it. We hope your wedding cake isn’t on here. If it is, we’re sorry. You could’ve used our help – we work with some pretty amazing wedding cake vendors. Photos courtesy of Cake Wrecks.

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