Feb 14th 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day From Taiwan!

It’s Valentine’s Day all over the world!! If you didn’t know, Alfreda is currently in Taiwan and decided to send some love our way. Here’s a little something different from overseas.

The Taiwanese have been gearing up for Valentine’s for weeks now. The local 7-11’s are stocked with all sorts of chocolate goodies and all the flower shops are teaming with pink and red flowers. Turns out this day is celebrated pretty much the same here as it is in America. There was one thing though that kept catching my attention as I’ve ridden around town…

Now bouquets of flowers are expected, but bouquets of stuffed animals?? Yes, please!! My inner asian/10 yr old loves this! Maybe a new trend for the states? The florist said roses are still the predominant flower of choice for the day, but stuffed animal bouquets are pretty common all year round and in greater abundance this time of year. I love it and am secretly wishing some last minute admirer will be as cheesy as I am and deliver before the day is over. A girl can hope right?

Happy Valentine’s Day, where ever you are in this world! Past, present, or future, today is all about love, and love is something definitely worth celebrating.



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